LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC is a leading professional with an extensive experience lawyers team, which is not process- but result-oriented.

Our knowledge allows us to provide a variety of legal services and find the best solutions to problems.

We help to resolve the most difficult challenges and achieve our clients' greatest ambitions.

You will get the maximum benefit from transformational power we provide. It includes collateral, consulting, strategy building, transactions, and tax dealing issues. We keep investors informed and meet the needs of all parties concerned. Every business decision is an investment. And we can predict and assess risks, rates of which have been increasing in recent years. It happens that problems arise suddenly, the speed at which business environment factors are changing is increasing, so we, as true experts, will not let you fall by the wayside and help you move forward.

We rely on our collective creativity, experience, judgments, and various perspectives to redefine our clients' futures several steps, if not years, ahead.
We are the navigation in this fast-paced environment, and we help clients assess the situation faster, perceive it, see the prospects, and manage the risks, leading to success as a result.

Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC legal assistance is in high demand among Ukrainian companies and foreign ones alike.
We provide protection and representation of a wide range of issues.

Our specialists have dozens of successful cases under their belt, professional knowledge of rules of procedural and substantive law, ways of resolving conflict situations.

LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC is a team of independent and experienced lawyers, who provide a full range of legal assistance with an emphasis on solving and avoiding disputes, and most importantly, achieving positive results for a client.
We develop strategies and manage cases in such a way as to prevent any complications for a client and to ensure that a client is prepared for developments before they even take place. If complicated situations arise, the preparation and our experience help a client to choose the most appropriate option. We know how to find non-standard and effective solutions. We always manage to find such arguments during negotiations that if there is a dispute, even if it comes to the court, it will always be preferable and beneficial to both parties.

Owing to the ability to foresee business situations, we draft a contract, which is only expected to be concluded, in such a way, that a dispute and conflict never occur as a result. We do everything so professionally and qualitatively that we always predict the deceitful intentions of any party if there are any.

We can handle the most complex legal problems, which we easily solve with a systematic approach.

We love our work. We build mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships and take pride in working with clients as partners for many years. We maintain confidentiality and practice only legal methods.

We make complex cases simple to follow. It is no trouble for a client to apply our advice in practice.

A registered client will know what to do and how to proceed in the legal field, intellectual property, media, and corporate or litigation practice.
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