The result is lossless
We take focus on looking for points of contact, instead
of aggressive proof of the rights of the parties.

Serhii Odyntsov
We defended state enterprise Ukrkosmos
The Age of Artificial Intelligence in Jurisprudence
It is no secret that Artificial intelligence (AI) is being rapidly integrated into various spheres of life nowadays. It makes music, paints at the level of famous painters, diagnoses, beats professionals at chess, and even attempts to invent. ...
Founder of the company
Sergey with 25 years of experience in the legal field
1380 clients received the best legal support
More than 95% of cases and appeals were successful in favor of the clients.
Serhii Odyntsov
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Get legal adviceon issues Regulation
of accounts payable and accounts receivable
Regulation of accounts payable and accounts receivable

Financial condition of an enterprise largely depends on the ability to manage accounts receivable and payable under modern economic conditions.

We treat the problem of accounts receivable and payable in a comprehensive way: we conduct financial and legal analysis, use personal experience and knowledge of doing business, use custom and creative approaches, including mediation, to solve the accounts payable and receivable issues.

We would like to provide an example of our services when a business of a debtor has no financial resources, but there are some services or goods that the business can offer to a creditor or to another business. Thus, we arrange, coordinate and sign such a system of contracts, the offsets of debts for sale of services or goods, as a result of which the creditor receives the funds, in part or in installments.

The professional team of Odintsov and Partners LLC will help you solve the issue of debt repayment even from insolvent clients. This will provide protection of cash liquidity and capital security of a company.

Customers have the opportunity to avoid participation in court cases and activities related to debt collection by working with our company.

Non-standard situations often arise under today's market conditions and they require not only perfect knowledge of the legislation but also ingenuity, broad experience in related industries, acquaintance with international legal experience in such matters. A specific approach and knowledge requires a lawyer to conduct business with a foreign country. And in case of conflicts, the need to defend the interests of the company in court or during inspections, our specialists will help you, because they are experienced in the field. And you can be sure that your business will be reliably protected in the legal field.

We will develop an individual offer for you according to the needs of your company:
- We will analyze your receivables and payables;
- We will develop recommendations to correct deficiencies, inconsistencies, and contradictions to the current legislation revealed in course of the legal audit;
- We will provide a complex of services, resulting in the settlement of accounts payable and receivable.
Our specialists will provide competent protection of your interests at any stage of a dispute resolution, and you will receive a positive and effective result.
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Ukraine has always attracted foreign investors, although the Ukrainian legislation is not always easy to navigate. Also, it is not always easy to predict and make correct commercial forecasts considering the political instability.

Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC is a reliable legal advisor for foreign investors who have decided to acquire corporate rights in Ukraine, securities, or existing businesses.

Having a great experience, we provide quality legal services to investors who have decided to start their business in Ukraine, where the legal system and mentality of people are completely different.

Our team is ready to provide professional legal support for investment projects of any complexity on the territory of Ukraine, starting from advice on how to open and conduct business in Ukraine, make investments in various sectors of the country and protect them, including registration of enterprises with foreign investment and representative offices of foreign companies, obtaining permits and licenses, agreements.

Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC specialists will provide professional preparation and development of investment agreements and accompany business activities in Ukraine.

If disputes arise, our team will provide qualified legal assistance to protect the rights and interests of a foreign investor, both in out-of-court procedure and in courts.

We are always ready to:

- Do due diligence of contracts;
- Define essential terms in a contract professionally;
- Advice on taxation of foreign companies in Ukraine;
- Advice foreign companies on the currency, corporate, commercial, and labor legislation of Ukraine;
- Provide judicial protection of foreign investors' rights and interests in Ukraine;
- Solve disputes by mediation;

We do have the necessary knowledge and many-year experience in International Commercial Arbitrations, which plays a defining role as an alternative means of resolving disputes arising in international trade relations.
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Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC provides comprehensive legal support of external economic activity, consultations and expert support of trade companies, manufacturers, distributors and agents, carriers, forwarders, franchisors, financial institutions, traders and international companies.

Globalization of economy, complexity of international trade legislation has a serious impact on business. That is why our lawyers help our clients to minimize risks and fully use the opportunities of legal regulation of this sphere for smooth trade of goods and services with maximum efficiency for them.

Our clients, both exporters and importers who do business all over the world, entrust us with the contractual structuring and support of transnational transactions, negotiating contractual obligations, providing legal support for trade finance, distribution and franchising, mediation, risk analysis and finding balanced, comprehensive solutions.

Our team has experience in dealing with complicated projects, we help optimize the costs of foreign trade activities, provide clients with information that helps them make effective decisions, which further help the business to be more stable and strengthen its position in the international market.

We will help you with various types of agreements: purchase and sale of business, supply of goods, service and license agreements, agency agreements, distribution and franchise agreements, partnership and confidentiality agreements, etc.

We have experience in international trade, as well as expertise in other areas of law for the effective achieving of goals and objectives of the project. Moreover, cooperation with colleagues in various jurisdictions allows us to quickly and efficiently advise clients on foreign law issues.
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on issues MEDIATION
Working with us you:

-Save wear and tear on your nerves, your time and money (mediation is a more cost-effective procedure than litigation, both in terms of time and financial cost).

- You will not focus on the past, but look to the future, including the other party to the conflict.

- Get the solution you would want.

To avoid years of litigation Odintsov and PARTNERS LLC offers its services of mediation with the counterparties.

We employ professional mediators who provide the following services:
- analysis of documents
- preparation of memorandum in the process of resolving a dispute
- establishment and explanation of the rules of mediation
- preparation and signing of amicable agreements, etc.

Service of mediation is becoming very popular among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses to solve their legal and financial problems today. It is mediation that can provide the same results that are so lacking when using other mechanisms to resolve disputes, including the judicial mechanism.

Sometimes a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit. In order to avoid years of litigation our company with the help of mediation helps clients to find such a result, which will be beneficial to both parties.

During the practice of law, the company director - Serhii Odyntsov - has come to the conclusion that most disputes, including financial ones, do not arise for reasons that are related to money, but due to the emotional state between individuals and other factors between legal entities, but in both cases, the psychological context plays an important role.

Thus, the synergy of legal knowledge, extensive experience in psychology and business makes it possible to find a constructive approach and achieve 95% success in any case the company undertakes.

Mediation of our company is always about new opportunities, about the culture of peaceful resolution of disputes, about respect of parties for each other.

The main principle of any negotiation is, first of all, to agree in advance with a decision-maker. The second step is identifying the root causes of conflict. And then, to identify the interests of each participant in the conflict and find out the needs hidden by the identified interests, to find opportunities and ideas for solutions.

It is important to make sure that both parties are less emotionally opposed to each other throughout the negotiation. As a result, it will accelerate an informed decision and in most cases, you will get what you intend (money, shares, a stake in the company, etc.).
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Due Diligence is an independent verification of a company, which includes a comprehensive review of the company's operations, relations with contractors and government agencies, possible adverse factors in activities of a company, etc.

The term "due diligence" was introduced in the US as a result of the Securities Act of 1933. In accordance with the terms of the Act, brokers were obliged to evaluate the market value of the assets they were selling. Since then the concept of due diligence has been applied far beyond the stock market and Legal Due Diligence (LDD) can be applied to almost all areas of business activity.

The Odintsov & Partners LLC team of experts will provide qualified due diligence services before your investing in a business, or acquiring one.

Doing our work, we focus on checking the history of a company since its foundation, all the transitions of ownership, if there were any. If it is a joint-stock company, we put an emphasis on checking the acquisition of ownership of shares by the company, or the accession to other legal entities, etc.

We conduct a detailed inspection of contracts statring from the beginning of establishment of an enterprise (especially if there was privatization), whether they were registered in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, as well as whether they were put together in a legally competent manner. We also clarify if there have been any risky operations in the enterprise according to the statute of limitations. Equally important is to check the database, connections with counterparties who may have been listed in sanctions lists. We also engage partner auditors and conduct media analysis. We track legislative changes that may affect the business and make predictions.
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on issues LAWMAKING
LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC is an active participant in the field of law-making in Ukraine.

Our clients always get positive results thanks to an integrated approach and experience.

Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC professionally and qualitatively provide legal support services. We make proposals and justify their feasibility in draft laws.

We make amendments to the resolutions, submit our own concepts, conduct analyses.

Our company is a member of working groups on preparation of legal and regulatory instruments in the sphere of scrap metal operations regulation and Economic and professional activity self-regulation at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture.

We cooperate with the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on economic development of several essential for Ukraine draft laws, such as the draft law № 2207-1 on Waste management of 16.10.2019, amendments to the Law of Ukraine № 776-IX on Scrap Metal of 14.07.2020 and the draft law № 4221 on Economic and professional activities self-regulation of 15.10.2020.

LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC serves a number of large enterprises in the scrap metal industry and many other areas. There are public sector enterprises among them also, in particular SE Ukrkosmos.

We provide advice to:
-The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine;
-The Department of Entrepreneurship Development and Regulatory Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture;
-The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine;
- The State Concern Ukroboronprom.
Corporate Code of Ethics
The LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC Code of Ethics defines our values. It establishes ethical standards according to which we act and make decisions in our daily work.

The Code is based on our values and beliefs and characterizes us, that we are ...
Projects we worked on
Waste management
De-greytrading of the scrap market.
Self-regulatory organizations.
The Law on Waste Management was adopted in the first reading.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted at the first reading the bill "On Waste Management" № 2207-1f (ukr. 1d)
The President signed a law on the de-greytrading of the scrap market.
On January 14, 2020,at the first reading the Verkhovna Rada approved the draft law №2426.
The activities of self-regulatory organizations will be regulated by a separate law.
The Ministry of Economic Development has published a draft law "On self-regulation ..
Our team
Executive Director
Serhii Fedorenko
Yuliia Bliakharska
Natalia Herikh
Partner, attorney-at-law.
Pavlo Shtifonov
Lenska Olga
Serhii Viktorovych Fedorenko,
Executive Director.
Education: National Academy of Internal Affairs. Institute of Law and Post-Graduate Education at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Serhii Fedorenko has a successful experience in solving the most complex legal problems. His work is comprehensive and always effective.

Dealing honestly and with heart is the main principle of his work. Serhii is always fully committed to the company's business for he believes that only persistent hard work and experience bring success.

Serhii came to LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC in 2019 from a large foreign bank, where he was the head of the Enforcement Proceedings of Problem Assets Management Department.

Serhii Fedorenko has worked on a wide range of court cases in banking and financial services and complex debt disputes during his career.

Working over 13 years in the sphere of problem debts recovery, he has gained professional knowledge of creating debt enforcement mechanisms, control and organization of departments' work, qualification personnel selection, credit portfolio legal analysis, legal opinions on the current state preparation, claim-related work prospects, legal strategy development, judicial practice selection, notarial activity in conclusion of treaties, experience in real estate business, real property registration and re-registration.

Serhii is an experienced lawyer who always achieves success in cases he takes on. After all, he does not work for the sake of the process, but is always aimed at the result.
Yuliia Oleksandrivna Bliakharska,
Education: The Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

Yuliia Blyakharovska is an expert in economic, civil and administrative disputes, family and inheritance law.

Yuliia specializes in litigation and represents clients in Ukrainian courts of all instances and specializations. She is experienced also in a successful resolution of disputes out of court. She extensively uses mediation to resolve disputes and conflicts in business and is one of the lawyers who prefers peaceful resolution of disputes.

Yuliia Olexandrivna puts a lot of effort and knowledge to ensure that clients are fully protected both at the national and international levels.
Natalia Anatoliivna Herikh,
Education: The Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

Natalia has an excellent practice of solving court disputes.

The very purpose of Natalia's work is to help clients to be one step ahead.

Thanks to her professional approach, Natalia always manages to win where others fail to do so.

She has successful experience with comprehensive dispute solutions. As a professional, Natalia provides not only complete support of cases in courts of all instances and jurisdictions but also an out-of-court settlement of disputes and the execution of court judgments.

Natalia's long-term experience covers the representation of clients' interests in complicated court disputes against tax authorities; administrative disputes against other governmental authorities; disputes arising from treaty relationships, preparing and supporting economic and civil contracts, and settlement of debt disputes.
Pavlo Serhiiovych Shtifonov,
partner, attorney-at-law.
Education: Luhansk State Univesity of Internal Affairs named after E.O. Didorenka. Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.

Pavlo Sergeyevich is an experienced attorney known both on the international and Ukrainian markets. He is a creative and highly professional expert in various spheres of legal relations.

He has many years of successful experience in criminal cases both as an investigator and as a lawyer, in particular in cases of crimes: against property (theft, robbery, burglary, fraud, etc.); in the sphere of economic activity (counterfeiting, fictitious business, tax evasion, etc. etc.); in the sphere of official activity and professional activity related to the provision of public services (abuse of power or official position, official forgery, dereliction of duty, etc.).

Pavel Shtifonov is a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Committee of Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law since 2015.
Lenska Olga Viktorivna,
Education: National Pedagogical Drahomanov University.

Olga joined the team in the summer of 2021 and since then has been actively working on the content of the site of ODINTSOV & PARTNERS LLC.

Together with the company's lawyers, processes each commentary on legislation or practice.

Develops and implements PR strategy of company. Develops and implements SMM-Strategy (social network, site of company). Namely, she controls the content-plan of social networks and ensures their regular filling with information.

Together the with team, she forms ideas for a new projects, services and ways to promote initiatives.
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