Corporate Code of Ethics
The LEGAL CONSULTING Odintsov & PARTNERS LLC Code of Ethics defines our values. It establishes ethical standards according to which we act and make decisions in our daily work.

The Code is based on our values and beliefs and characterizes us, that we are:

- honest and respectful;

- transparent in work;

- professional, full of energy and enthusiasm;

- objective: we assess situations and build relationships based on informed decisions.

We work in a system built on fairness and respect for the values of the letter of law. This enables us to provide high quality services in every business area and help our clients and society to develop successfully.

We agree with our client on possible outcomes before we begin work and do not take cases we can not win. The primary objective for us is to be always honest and straightforward with our partners. We will do our best to ensure that a client gets the result we talked about at the beginning
    We do not work for the sake of the process, but we are always aimed at the result!
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