The Age of Artificial Intelligence in Jurisprudence
It is no secret that Artificial intelligence (AI) is being rapidly integrated into various spheres of life nowadays. It makes music, paints at the level of famous painters, diagnoses, beats professionals at chess, and even attempts to invent. AI has been on people's lips in the legal sphere for years now.

The rapid growth in the adoption of artificial intelligence technology does raise expectations that law firms will try to automate some of their work, reducing their reliance on paralegals and support staff. There are already things like simple contracts automated drafting. Large law firms are partially moving to automated work, but mostly in areas of work that employees have been doing rudimentary. Artificial intelligence will be able to eliminate mundane tasks.

Providing complex legal advice, anything related to negotiation, negotiation skills, soft skills application, especially where contractual processes with complex aspects are involved, is a job that we think will stay with people for years to come. After all, no matter how perfect a program designed to automate processes in legal activity is, there is always a human factor that affects its execution. Smart-contract, developed by artificial intelligence, may not take into account those moments that only a human professional can predict: the emergence of controversial issues that exist between people, conflict situations, contractual relationships, and similar. All this can only be solved by a person with experience, who can think creatively, has his own vision of solving problems in complex, using mediation, psychology, emotional intelligence, and other possibilities in order to achieve results.

Artificial intelligence can help lawyers only when everything is clear and straightforward, where there is agreement and there is no need for soft skills and use of ethical problems.

Programs, systems, machines work within the given limits, and you and I have the ability to think outside the box, even if your assistant is an artificial intelligence!

Our company together with leading Ukrainian and European specialists in the field of IT-technologies is developing a system that will automatically create complex contracts for clients with an individual approach, as well as facilitate legal advice, taking into account the connection to major databases, will also help solve a number of issues and problems, especially in export-import transactions.
AI and we
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